Sunday, May 04, 2008


I've been a die hard windows user my entire life so I know those who know me will give me a tough time for blogging this but let the truth be told.

Ever since Macbook Air was released I was very impressed with it's size and weight, I have added it so many to my amazon shopping cart only to come back to my senses and remove it before i complete the order.

One fine day (after my friend Saad bought one) sitting at the office chatting with my brother (who always defends apple products) about what problems I would face if I got a Macbook Air and -knowing me very well- answered every question with the words "buy a Sony Vaio" as he knows how much I disliked MAC O/S.

I kept asking and asking and I got the same answer, I still added the macbook air to my amazon shopping cart. Finally I asked "would I be able to connect remotely to a windows PC from a mac laptop" and I told him that this would be a show stopper. He said no... I clicked "Submit order" :)

Now how to I bring this up to the rest of my family and friends without getting harassed?? I've always spoken against MAC and now I am becoming a user.

Today, I am a happy MAC user, the transition from windows to MAC was very very easy and I am loving it.

Dear Friends and Family... Let the jokes begin.


The 3 months of fun is over, I still can't do without a Windows PC, there's just so many applications that I use in windows and there's nothing as good as they are for a Mac.


Blogger the tooth.fairy said...


I was that person, and when I got a MAC (after my lovely viao died) my friend dropped it by mistake, I took my time to think.

I got a MAC.. fell in love with it .. and we've had a secret relationship, until I got back home and my family and friends grilled me on how of a hypocrite i am :P

I gotta admit it, MAC rocks !!

14/5/08 4:23 AM  
Blogger White Wings said...

i you

21/5/08 2:32 AM  
Blogger Rawr said...

I've been thinking about changing myself...
I think I will =)
Once I get the money lol!

21/5/08 2:37 AM  
Blogger Alia said...


Abi sony vaio (purple one) of course

17/7/08 12:48 PM  
Blogger Alia said...

خلاص عيل

2 sony vaio على حسابك
واحد لي وواحد لك

7/8/08 10:32 AM  
Blogger 3anooda said...

awal mara achoof blog-gik - nice

ana abi il MacBook Air lakin il kil ygool ma yinfa3 - capacity speed blah blah blah - i dont use any fancy applications so im not fussy about that.


PS. Yallah update

4/9/08 12:01 PM  
Blogger Pepsi-guy said...


Well, first of all I'm glad you liked my blog, I don't have enough posts... I know.

As for the Macbook air, I love it, The speed is excellent as for the capacity... well that's different from one person to another, I got it along with the 500 GB time capsule and I am using it as a backup/extra storage space.

If you are a Mac user or already committed on the idea of shifting to mac then by all means this will be a very very nice piece of hardware to own.

I could never do completely with a mac only and I have to still roll back to windows for a few software (some of which are very case specific like a dive program to go with my dive computer and a certain DVD profiler for my DVD collection). But if you're using it for your day to day browsing/email/chat/office stuff then you should be covered.

Hope this makes your decision a bit easier.

4/9/08 5:32 PM  

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