Sunday, May 04, 2008


I've been a die hard windows user my entire life so I know those who know me will give me a tough time for blogging this but let the truth be told.

Ever since Macbook Air was released I was very impressed with it's size and weight, I have added it so many to my amazon shopping cart only to come back to my senses and remove it before i complete the order.

One fine day (after my friend Saad bought one) sitting at the office chatting with my brother (who always defends apple products) about what problems I would face if I got a Macbook Air and -knowing me very well- answered every question with the words "buy a Sony Vaio" as he knows how much I disliked MAC O/S.

I kept asking and asking and I got the same answer, I still added the macbook air to my amazon shopping cart. Finally I asked "would I be able to connect remotely to a windows PC from a mac laptop" and I told him that this would be a show stopper. He said no... I clicked "Submit order" :)

Now how to I bring this up to the rest of my family and friends without getting harassed?? I've always spoken against MAC and now I am becoming a user.

Today, I am a happy MAC user, the transition from windows to MAC was very very easy and I am loving it.

Dear Friends and Family... Let the jokes begin.


The 3 months of fun is over, I still can't do without a Windows PC, there's just so many applications that I use in windows and there's nothing as good as they are for a Mac.